I first saw line dancing when myself and hubby Brian attended a country music event in Norfolk 20 years ago. At the time we were big fans of country singer Sarah Jory and she was top of the bill that weekend.

The dance that sticks in my mind from that weekend was "Chattahoochee". I knew I had to learn. 

By chance, not long after that, a new line dance class was starting at the leisure centre where I worked. I attended and was hooked. Initially the music was country but after a while latin music and then pop were gradually introduced.
The classes I attended quickly increased from one to four a week with a social dance at least once a month.

I progressed into teaching when the instructor went on holiday and I took the occasional class, but although I wanted to do it, I was petrified!

That's a long time ago now and I since became a fully qualified BWDA instructor and I love teaching. My reward is seeing dancers who initially came as non-dancers and have now reached intermediate level and also dance socially. I am so proud of all my dancers and thank them for sticking with me and giving me the opportunity to do what I love doing.

Also a big thank you to Brian because I could not do all this with out him.

"We always like to see new faces at our classes or events. Contact us if you would like to know more ."